3rd Annual Women in STEM Symposium


Dealing with Imposter Syndrome and Overcoming Barriers. The symposium took place from 1 – 5:30pm in Hensel Phelps West and focused on Impostor Syndrome & Overcoming Obstacles, featuring talks from Dr. Sonia Flores (CU Anschutz DOM), Kaycee Palumbo (GE Healthcare), and Lauren Costantini (Neuraptive); a workshop on Impostor Syndrome from WiSTEM; and a Career Panel focused on making the transition to a profession.

Spring Symposium 2019 Photos

2nd Annual Women in STEM Symposium


Hearing All Voices: Inclusivity and Intersectionality in STEM. This symposium included a Key Note session from 500 Women Scientists founders and leaders Jane Zelikov, Jessica Metcalf, and Beth Bartel, an identity workshop from CU Anschutz SACNAS, a privilege and allyship workshop from CU Anschutz PRISM, as well as a presentation on community engagement through communication from Abigail Armstrong and Allison Porman of CU Anschutz WiSTEM.

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1st Annual Women in STEM Symposium


Empowerment and Inspiration. The key note speaker was Dr. Brenda Allen, Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion at UC Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. The symposium also featured talks from Dr. Vanessa Carmean from Healthcare Strategic Partnerships at Zayo Group and Dr. Katharine Smith, assistant professor in the department of Pharmacology at UC Anschutz Medical Campus, as well as ‘TED-talks” from students and staff on women in science-relevant topics.

Spring Symposium 2017 Photos